ViangeDior earringsQ1. Tell us about Viange ?

Viange is India’s first vintage jewellery label started by sisters Shikha & Mehek Agarwal. The collection beguiles with stunning finds from the glittering world of costume jewellery over the last decades. From Chanel and Dior to Givenchy , Balenciaga, Valentino, Tiffany & Co. , Lanvin, Celine, Escada, Swarovski, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Butler & Wilson, Monet, Trifari and many more. Each piece has been sourced by expert eyes and tells a fascinating story…

Viange’s exquisite pieces, created from the thirties to the nineties resonate with elegance and timeless beauty. The Viange Vintage Jewellery Collection showcases pieces offering the very best in unique style and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Viange recalls the glamour of the world’s most iconic fashion houses and reflects the diversity within, while Viange also offers a wide range of unsigned rarities. Together, both ranges present a superb paradigm of the charm that vintage fashion has to offer.

Bringing you the most diverse and eclectic range of vintage costume jewellery in India, Viange’s signature collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches will constantly tempt.

Q2.What made your love for vintage jewellery stem out ?

We’ve been collecting vintage jewellery since we were young. It all started when our grandmother gifted us one of her vintage Chanel pearl earrings gifted to her by our grandfather which he bought during one of his travels. We fell in love with that pair and started wearing them on a daily basis with our western and Indian clothes. Our fascination and love for these pieces led to our very own brand ‘Viange’.

Q3.What is your favourite vintage find ?

We have a list ! But, some of them include a gorgeous pair of tilted Eiffel Tower shaped earrings by Yves Saint Laurent, big runway ‘G’ Givenchy logo earrings, Elizabeth Taylor rose pave earrings and a gold and orange cabochon shell brooch by Christian Dior.

Q4. What is your clientele like ?

We have all kinds of clients. From a fashionista like Sonam Kapoor and fashion designer like Sabyasachi Mukherjee to an everyday woman who likes to pair her vintage earrings with her office shirt or a girl who likes to wear our vintage finds to a luncheon.

Q5. What is a Viange piece of jewellery priced like ? and do you think the prices justify the pieces and why?

Our prices range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 70,000 depending on the piece. We consider the condition, brand, year it was made, etc. while pricing. The prices justify the pieces because these pieces are rare and hard to find. They’re one offs (one piece of each) it is very difficult to find another piece of the same, hence making them exclusive to the buyer. They are branded and are rich in quality. Vintage is always expensive to buy hence selling them is the same.

Q6. Should everyone own at least one vintage item ? why ?

Yes, we strongly believe in fashion that does not change from season to season. We believe that after investing a certain amount in something, you should be able to wear the piece even 20 years down the line. Vintage jewellery is classic and can be passed on to your loved ones. They are an investment and have a good resale value. Be it a pair of vintage Chanel CC earrings, string of pearls or a big brooch.

Q7. What should a buyer look for when purchasing a vintage piece ?

While purchasing a vintage piece it is very important to check the condition of the piece eg. the pearl should be in mint condition, the gold polish shouldn’t be tarnished, the clips of earrings should be tight to hold them on the ear and the most important thing is that the buyer should love the piece to do full justice and enjoy it to the most.


Shikha Agarwal.


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