The duo fashionista sisters Sonam & Rhea Kapoor, are soon going to launch their very own label “RHESON” in the month of September in India ,which makes chic fashion accessible to all the young girls who want to look stylish and yet leave a mark. Sonam and Rhea say ”We want to be your best friends and stylist, not designers and artists” They are not bringing a couture house but an affordable street style fashion brand which makes clothes for everyday wear. “We wanted to make fashion reach out to every girl even in a smaller town and city so we chose ‘Shopper’s Stop’ to retail our clothes as it is a trusted brand in India past quite a few years and everybody is familiar with it. So girls; you don’t always have to spend money to look stylish …fashion is now more affordable and can be easily obtainable!




Pop Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, recently marked her debut in India with her Spring/Summer 15 collection. The Melissa Pop-Up will showcase their “Eat My Melissa’’ collection for consumers to experience the product, as the brand will retail through their e-commerce portal – Melissa awakes the dreams of plastic; but these ‘candylicious ‘ shoes made using Melflex and Pvc, are not only versatile in design but are durable and recyclable mostly. Melissa is indeed concerned with the environment and works hard for the most coveted fashion accessory in the world to be wholly sustainable, from production to the consumer. BRAZILIANThe event was held at their pop up store in Mumbai’s art district Kala Ghoda known for its multi cultural fervor. Melissa recreates trends with continuous collaborations with famed designers. Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Campana and Vivienne Westwood are a part of her latest collection. The event was sprawling with guests like Carol Gracias, Candice Pinto, Anushka Manchanda, Nandita Mahtani, Sucheta Sharma, Sheena Sippy, Alesia Raut, Nonita Kalra, Malini Agarwal to name a few. “These shoes are stylishly blending avant- garde designs with functionality” says Maya Goel – Apeego Marketing Ltd. – the official distributor of Melissa in India.



A dress made from nothing but fermented beer and bacteria is set to debut at the World Expo 2015 in Milan later this year. Australian creative scientist Gary Cass and fashion designer Donna Franklin added a bacteria called Acetobacter to fermented beer, which created the cotton-like fibres. The bacteria is naturally found, friendly, non-infectious, non-harmful and is added into the liquid beer. That bacteria will ‘drink’ the beer and then convert the beer liquid into a solid fibre similar to cotton. Isn’t is unbelievable! Beer Dress is more than a novelty, says the designer because the cellulosic fibers are created through fermentation, they can be produced on an industrial scale without many of the environmental costs of cotton. Moreover, it can be ‘grown into any shape,’ enabling one-piece seamless garments with no stitching. It is a valuable innovation to the fashion industry!



Bollywood’s hot favourite jewelry designer label VALLIYAN by Nitya Arora, recently joined hands with ‘Italia Independent’, which is the most worn sunny brand by the holly celebs. From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, Karl Largerfeld, Jessica Alba, Anna Hathway; all have got their hands on these beauties. The collection consists of VALLIYAN’s signature jeweled pieces that are attachable on sunglasses and sunglass chains along with customisable initials of your name on your very own Italia Independents. A delectable wine and cheese evening hosted by Sabina Chopra, Nikhil Thampi, Nimish Shah and Alia Al Rufai amongst many others who couldn’t get enough of the sassy statement sunglasses. It was a packed house with endless glasses of wine and non-stop chatter. Guests were seen musing in those fabulous sunsglasses. So get your wallets loose and treat yourself with this limited edition collection as quickly as you can.

Venue: Valliyan by Nitya Arora

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.


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