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“Burberry” an extravagance British style house which owes it’s being to Thomas

Burberry(1856). Known for it unmistakable Checks; it stands out to the world’s number one counterfeits. From clothing to perfumes to accessories; they have it all. The first ever Burberry store was opened in Basingtoke(1856) and by 1870 it started to focus more on it’s outdoor attire. Fundamentally known for the making of trench coats for the First World War, it attained popularity. To sell the brand more widely, the checks were transferred from the outside of the coats to the inside of the coats(lining).

A company all by itself uptil 1955, was then taken over by Great Universal Stores (GUS). Retail of fake clothing to the masses was on a high, selling the impression that Burberry is no more exclusive and desirable. From that point forward the brand has tried to rehash itself, by advertising in distinctive magazines (i.e.GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Harper’sBazaar, and so forth.) by using known faces like Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and many more. Burberry has diversified from one to four brands- Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit and Burberry Sport with two more recently added regional brands – Burberry Black Label & Burberry Blue Label.



Burberry has dependably given a top notch while making sure that it’s client’s get the best quality garments especially at the time when it was building an outdoor satire for others to explore Burberry. The use of Gabardine (a hardwearing, water resistant fabric) was the best example. Burberry is an exemplary brand which, is not only looked up with respect, but, it also is a brand, which made a mark and is top of the line. In 70’s when the brand was associated with hooliganism, it picked a negative undertone and the clients no longer wanted to associate with Burberry. But it managed to survive and be on the top of the league. Celebrity endorsements really helped in bringing back positive image in the mind of Burberry consumer’s.

It is most desired because of it’s class, Exclusivity, Success, Trust & durability. Burberry items are diverse and they keep adding something new like different ranges for each season, having new celebrities endorsing their products and seasonal sales so as to keep their collection in pace with the new fashion. Burberry will always be around as a high-end fashion brand which will always stand out for its exclusivity. Infact Vintage Burberry items are more in demand than the latest collection.


Despite being a male designed brand, Burberry has a female target audience too. The Burberry clothing has an high end appeal. The Burberry product is without a doubt very expensive but it’s prices are similar to that of their competitors (Ex. Louis Vuitton) .The fragrance line is economically priced keeping in mind the pocket of a common man too. Everyone can afford it easily. This brand does appeal to everyone in some or the other way. It has positioned itself well in the mind of its consumer, and if they bring down the cost of their item’s; psychologically, the consumer believe that the quality of the product isn’t good as that of its competitor. The price is an indicator of quality and desirability which the customer looks for.


Burberry owns about 475 stores in 48 countries; which are located in the world’s largest populated cities in the world. They choose ideal location’s which makes the worlds best shopping destinations. You wont ever see Burberry advertising the brands on billboards. Infact it has its own fashion website and it uses print advertisement which communicates the message to a larger audience. Burberry makes sure to appear in all the fashion shows around the world, so as to showcase their newlines. They are always in the media from newspapers to fashion magazines to blogs. .Burberry depends immensely on celebrity endorsements, which helped them brand win their notoriety after their downfall amid 1970-2000. They use celebs like Kate Moss, Gayness Deyn to keep the brand appealing. Burberry also created Burberry Bespoke, which allows you to design your own customized coat by choosing from hundreds of different options, from the buttons on the outside to the lining in the inside. This was a smart PR strategy to increasing the sale. Burberry Kisses was another strategy in which they collaborated with Google that allows users to kiss their touch screens and send their lip prints to loved ones—no purchase necessary. It’s a valuable entry point that whets consumer appetites that will be satisfied immediately or down the road with a Burberry purchase. Music and kisses are free of charge and build good will for a loyal customer down the road. So interesting !



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