closetThe wadrobe of a female could spell opulence and panache. Then Meghna Syal Chadha is an immediate example. The 33 year old has boundless Energy when it comes to being a fasionista. She can work up any plain looking outfit with her styling sensibilities.

Meghna’s fashion sense is inherent. She loves dressing up and reveals the secret to a good party. You should be confident in what you wear and just wear an infectious smile on your face!

Entering the Chadha mansion, I could see an impeccably dressed lady with a warm smile. A typical virgo women at heart, she loves being the centre of attraction! In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different, I abide by the very famous saying by “COCO-CHANEL” she adds. Currently Meghna is working as a stylist for Sisi Bkk. She is as rebellious in nature as her fashion sense. Her signature style is offbeat, quirky, gothic with a touch of ‘elan.

According to Meghna; the must have in a women’s closet in Chanel 2.55, a toosh shawl and a crazy tassel bag. Pair of 7 inches black Louboutins(Daffodils) and a Narciso Rodreguez perfume are two very important and rare components in her wadrobe. If these items are owned by a woman; then every outfit gets sorted on its own, she believes.

She has a visually drawn ethos to her as we cee her slide into a reflective mood . Her most expensive purchase is a 1978 edition vintage Hermes scarf, which was passed to her by her aunt. Its priceless. She confesses, there are many collectors eyeing that scarf”! But its intact in my wadrobe, and going nowhere(wink).” She adds. My most cherished piece is my Louis Vuitton hat box which took 6 months to be made on order. The best part was, it was delivered to me in the hospital by the Louis Vuitton team Delhi, when my little girl arrived into this world!! Thankgod for small mercies and offcourse Louis Vuitton,’’ she chuckles with happiness.

I have a huge wadrobe and no savings at all; just like Carrie Bradshaw. I like my money right where I can see it hanging in my closet. So I follow the same mantra of saving money and later converting them into bags and shoes’’ she smiles. Till date she possess over 200 pairs of shoes and 95 bags! Woo… she sighs. A woman can never have enough or can she.

She loves shopping in Barcelona! “She can move there”. She is very quirky and

Does not pick any random trend. She believes in making her own rules. She further advices, there is something called fashion sense, a lot like common sense which is already present in each of us. We just have to follow our instincts. Her friends have baptized her as local Lady Gaga.

“I live fashion, I eat fashion, I sleep fashion and I eat fashion”. The most defining moment for her was Sisi Bkk chose her as a stylist for Miss Thailand World. There are multiple plans she hold in her mind, she intends to execute them all,taking in as much from the world and giving it back with as much gusto.


PICTURE 1: “Closet“. URL (Accessed on Date:13th April,2015, Time: 7:34)


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