From Prada to Peroni – a lot of our favourite things come straight from the mesmirising Italy. An evening with Peroni Nastro Azzurro paired with exquisite Italian food gave us just another reason to say “ Amo I Italia”

When it comes to indulgences- fashion, fine arts and food; a few of them actually do it like Italians. Peroni Nastro Azzuro recently hosted an event in the Bolly town with partner Kaveer Shahni from groove temple- in the city. Without a doubt; Mumbai embraced them with the best of hospitality and offcourse lot’s of love.

It was a fine dine experience paired with which was the world’s best beer. A dinner party; which was had the who’s whom of Mumbai. Besides the delectable food and the amazing venue was the very premise of Peroni’s campaign. Bringing together infulencers from varied industries to networking and building relationships was the prime focus of the event.

Every guest from a chef and designer, foodie and fashionista agreed to join in the unsual festivities, and it wasn’t just the peroni talking. Magazine publishers mingled with high rollers, Tv personalities clinked their full to brim glasses with branding moguls. The affair counted in it well known faces from Kabir bedi,Ektaa Aggarwal,Shireen Faroque to the Italian Consul general Ugo Ciarlatani.eventtttttt

The house of Peroni gave magnificient Great Eastern mills of Mumbai a classic Italian makeover and the Italian aesthetic was on display from the old world charm of the venue, to the family –style dining table and authentic open air-cooking station. The former mill, now a lofty furniture store was converted into a beautiful dining room with a long custom made table put together by a stylist Shaan Shahani. And the food was taken care by a special chef from new delhi who curated a delicious three course meal. Italian delights like Calamari Fritti,Ravioli ,Bolognese were not only eye pleasing but scrumptious too and then offcourse; thankx to Peroni.

Its was a glamourous, stylish night to say the least and when the Italians play host- you know it’s one to remember.unnamed


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