closetThe wadrobe of a female could spell opulence and panache. Then Meghna Syal Chadha is an immediate example. The 33 year old has boundless Energy when it comes to being a fasionista. She can work up any plain looking outfit with her styling sensibilities.

Meghna’s fashion sense is inherent. She loves dressing up and reveals the secret to a good party. You should be confident in what you wear and just wear an infectious smile on your face!

Entering the Chadha mansion, I could see an impeccably dressed lady with a warm smile. A typical virgo women at heart, she loves being the centre of attraction! In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different, I abide by the very famous saying by “COCO-CHANEL” she adds. Currently Meghna is working as a stylist for Sisi Bkk. She is as rebellious in nature as her fashion sense. Her signature style is offbeat, quirky, gothic with a touch of ‘elan.

According to Meghna; the must have in a women’s closet in Chanel 2.55, a toosh shawl and a crazy tassel bag. Pair of 7 inches black Louboutins(Daffodils) and a Narciso Rodreguez perfume are two very important and rare components in her wadrobe. If these items are owned by a woman; then every outfit gets sorted on its own, she believes.

She has a visually drawn ethos to her as we cee her slide into a reflective mood . Her most expensive purchase is a 1978 edition vintage Hermes scarf, which was passed to her by her aunt. Its priceless. She confesses, there are many collectors eyeing that scarf”! But its intact in my wadrobe, and going nowhere(wink).” She adds. My most cherished piece is my Louis Vuitton hat box which took 6 months to be made on order. The best part was, it was delivered to me in the hospital by the Louis Vuitton team Delhi, when my little girl arrived into this world!! Thankgod for small mercies and offcourse Louis Vuitton,’’ she chuckles with happiness.

I have a huge wadrobe and no savings at all; just like Carrie Bradshaw. I like my money right where I can see it hanging in my closet. So I follow the same mantra of saving money and later converting them into bags and shoes’’ she smiles. Till date she possess over 200 pairs of shoes and 95 bags! Woo… she sighs. A woman can never have enough or can she.

She loves shopping in Barcelona! “She can move there”. She is very quirky and

Does not pick any random trend. She believes in making her own rules. She further advices, there is something called fashion sense, a lot like common sense which is already present in each of us. We just have to follow our instincts. Her friends have baptized her as local Lady Gaga.

“I live fashion, I eat fashion, I sleep fashion and I eat fashion”. The most defining moment for her was Sisi Bkk chose her as a stylist for Miss Thailand World. There are multiple plans she hold in her mind, she intends to execute them all,taking in as much from the world and giving it back with as much gusto.


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ViangeDior earringsQ1. Tell us about Viange ?

Viange is India’s first vintage jewellery label started by sisters Shikha & Mehek Agarwal. The collection beguiles with stunning finds from the glittering world of costume jewellery over the last decades. From Chanel and Dior to Givenchy , Balenciaga, Valentino, Tiffany & Co. , Lanvin, Celine, Escada, Swarovski, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Butler & Wilson, Monet, Trifari and many more. Each piece has been sourced by expert eyes and tells a fascinating story…

Viange’s exquisite pieces, created from the thirties to the nineties resonate with elegance and timeless beauty. The Viange Vintage Jewellery Collection showcases pieces offering the very best in unique style and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Viange recalls the glamour of the world’s most iconic fashion houses and reflects the diversity within, while Viange also offers a wide range of unsigned rarities. Together, both ranges present a superb paradigm of the charm that vintage fashion has to offer.

Bringing you the most diverse and eclectic range of vintage costume jewellery in India, Viange’s signature collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches will constantly tempt.

Q2.What made your love for vintage jewellery stem out ?

We’ve been collecting vintage jewellery since we were young. It all started when our grandmother gifted us one of her vintage Chanel pearl earrings gifted to her by our grandfather which he bought during one of his travels. We fell in love with that pair and started wearing them on a daily basis with our western and Indian clothes. Our fascination and love for these pieces led to our very own brand ‘Viange’.

Q3.What is your favourite vintage find ?

We have a list ! But, some of them include a gorgeous pair of tilted Eiffel Tower shaped earrings by Yves Saint Laurent, big runway ‘G’ Givenchy logo earrings, Elizabeth Taylor rose pave earrings and a gold and orange cabochon shell brooch by Christian Dior.

Q4. What is your clientele like ?

We have all kinds of clients. From a fashionista like Sonam Kapoor and fashion designer like Sabyasachi Mukherjee to an everyday woman who likes to pair her vintage earrings with her office shirt or a girl who likes to wear our vintage finds to a luncheon.

Q5. What is a Viange piece of jewellery priced like ? and do you think the prices justify the pieces and why?

Our prices range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 70,000 depending on the piece. We consider the condition, brand, year it was made, etc. while pricing. The prices justify the pieces because these pieces are rare and hard to find. They’re one offs (one piece of each) it is very difficult to find another piece of the same, hence making them exclusive to the buyer. They are branded and are rich in quality. Vintage is always expensive to buy hence selling them is the same.

Q6. Should everyone own at least one vintage item ? why ?

Yes, we strongly believe in fashion that does not change from season to season. We believe that after investing a certain amount in something, you should be able to wear the piece even 20 years down the line. Vintage jewellery is classic and can be passed on to your loved ones. They are an investment and have a good resale value. Be it a pair of vintage Chanel CC earrings, string of pearls or a big brooch.

Q7. What should a buyer look for when purchasing a vintage piece ?

While purchasing a vintage piece it is very important to check the condition of the piece eg. the pearl should be in mint condition, the gold polish shouldn’t be tarnished, the clips of earrings should be tight to hold them on the ear and the most important thing is that the buyer should love the piece to do full justice and enjoy it to the most.


Shikha Agarwal.



Inside it—-

==Dipped in history==url

“Burberry” an extravagance British style house which owes it’s being to Thomas

Burberry(1856). Known for it unmistakable Checks; it stands out to the world’s number one counterfeits. From clothing to perfumes to accessories; they have it all. The first ever Burberry store was opened in Basingtoke(1856) and by 1870 it started to focus more on it’s outdoor attire. Fundamentally known for the making of trench coats for the First World War, it attained popularity. To sell the brand more widely, the checks were transferred from the outside of the coats to the inside of the coats(lining).

A company all by itself uptil 1955, was then taken over by Great Universal Stores (GUS). Retail of fake clothing to the masses was on a high, selling the impression that Burberry is no more exclusive and desirable. From that point forward the brand has tried to rehash itself, by advertising in distinctive magazines (i.e.GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Harper’sBazaar, and so forth.) by using known faces like Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and many more. Burberry has diversified from one to four brands- Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit and Burberry Sport with two more recently added regional brands – Burberry Black Label & Burberry Blue Label.



Burberry has dependably given a top notch while making sure that it’s client’s get the best quality garments especially at the time when it was building an outdoor satire for others to explore Burberry. The use of Gabardine (a hardwearing, water resistant fabric) was the best example. Burberry is an exemplary brand which, is not only looked up with respect, but, it also is a brand, which made a mark and is top of the line. In 70’s when the brand was associated with hooliganism, it picked a negative undertone and the clients no longer wanted to associate with Burberry. But it managed to survive and be on the top of the league. Celebrity endorsements really helped in bringing back positive image in the mind of Burberry consumer’s.

It is most desired because of it’s class, Exclusivity, Success, Trust & durability. Burberry items are diverse and they keep adding something new like different ranges for each season, having new celebrities endorsing their products and seasonal sales so as to keep their collection in pace with the new fashion. Burberry will always be around as a high-end fashion brand which will always stand out for its exclusivity. Infact Vintage Burberry items are more in demand than the latest collection.


Despite being a male designed brand, Burberry has a female target audience too. The Burberry clothing has an high end appeal. The Burberry product is without a doubt very expensive but it’s prices are similar to that of their competitors (Ex. Louis Vuitton) .The fragrance line is economically priced keeping in mind the pocket of a common man too. Everyone can afford it easily. This brand does appeal to everyone in some or the other way. It has positioned itself well in the mind of its consumer, and if they bring down the cost of their item’s; psychologically, the consumer believe that the quality of the product isn’t good as that of its competitor. The price is an indicator of quality and desirability which the customer looks for.


Burberry owns about 475 stores in 48 countries; which are located in the world’s largest populated cities in the world. They choose ideal location’s which makes the worlds best shopping destinations. You wont ever see Burberry advertising the brands on billboards. Infact it has its own fashion website and it uses print advertisement which communicates the message to a larger audience. Burberry makes sure to appear in all the fashion shows around the world, so as to showcase their newlines. They are always in the media from newspapers to fashion magazines to blogs. .Burberry depends immensely on celebrity endorsements, which helped them brand win their notoriety after their downfall amid 1970-2000. They use celebs like Kate Moss, Gayness Deyn to keep the brand appealing. Burberry also created Burberry Bespoke, which allows you to design your own customized coat by choosing from hundreds of different options, from the buttons on the outside to the lining in the inside. This was a smart PR strategy to increasing the sale. Burberry Kisses was another strategy in which they collaborated with Google that allows users to kiss their touch screens and send their lip prints to loved ones—no purchase necessary. It’s a valuable entry point that whets consumer appetites that will be satisfied immediately or down the road with a Burberry purchase. Music and kisses are free of charge and build good will for a loyal customer down the road. So interesting !



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all that 3Whatever you call them Culottes, split skirts, wide leg pants or the crop trouser style; these babies were popular in the 90’s and interestingly their here to stay. These pants are not only urban but feminine and sophisticated. We bring to you the best from this season.

  1. Asymmetric: The first one to wear this exceptional Dior pair-part full-skirt ,part tapered trousers was no other than the current face of DIOR “Jennifer Lawrence” . The Oscar winner rocked asymmetric voluminous pants and a crop top from the recent Resort 2014 collection.
  2. PINSTRIPED: Culottes can’t work in the boardroom? Who said?? Miroslava Duma wore more crisp white to the Missoni show in Milan, pairing a pinstriped white suit with an Hermes bag and bustier-style top. A great look to keep in mind for spring. Also love the cut of the trousers: wide legged and cropped.
  3. ALL FLARED UP: We see the revival of Bohemian trend with lots of loose, flowy and dramatic pieces making a hit. Fashion is becoming more easy and breezy.
  4. FOR THE LOVE OF KHAKHI: Khaki pants are usually casual but can be dressed up with the right tools. When wearing khaki pants, be sure to get the right fit! If it does not fit, the look will be defeated. Keep the top simple, nothing to dressy or over the top. Keep it simple and stylish. We love how Rihanna wears her pale khaki with a snake print jacket! You can throw in the print with shoes or scarves, not necessarily with a top.


FACETS 3White is a colour that symbolizes purity. White is a timeless classic that spells optimism and vivacity. Elegant lacework, Flirty silhouettes and bewitching sensuality successfully captures the Runways this season.


PEEKASheer is the new cool. All the designers from Micheal kors to Roberto cavalli and many others have used sheer fabrics in their latest spring summer collections. Gowns, plazzos, shirts and dresses let our eyes feast on some blink –and –you-miss-it skin. But we aren’t complaining! Elie Saab blazed the trail with his sheer gowns embroidered in all the right places. Check out Dolce and Gabbana’s take on sheers with their signature plaited thread work on dresses and skirts.


flowerFlowers were put to elaborate use on the runways. Embroidered, printed, or graphics, florals were hard to miss. But a few designers nailed the styles and set the ground for the trend. Marchea’s ultra femine collection featured flowers as embroidered waist belts. Florals are indeed ground-breaking . They come printed , embroidered , appliqued, and wildy contrasted.


tasselsIts hypnotic and edgy when clothes move in tune of our body. This “Fringed fashion” has been noticed on the fashion runways across various products from dresses to bags. Straight sharp silhouttes suit this style best. Experiment with a wide range of colours while keeping accessories to a bare minimum.


felinityFelinity never goes out of fashion but with women stepping into a fast-paced multifunctional life, they have to be practical in their dressing; thus, felinity is now marrying androgyny. Structured clothing like tailored suits, shirts,ties, waistcoats are not just men’s prerogative anymore, women love them too.


denim 2Its no longer the workwan’s fabric- the season’s denim is not just glamorous and folksy. Its fast becoming staple on the ramps, denim is growing in versatility and popularity. How are you going to wear your’s?


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The duo fashionista sisters Sonam & Rhea Kapoor, are soon going to launch their very own label “RHESON” in the month of September in India ,which makes chic fashion accessible to all the young girls who want to look stylish and yet leave a mark. Sonam and Rhea say ”We want to be your best friends and stylist, not designers and artists” They are not bringing a couture house but an affordable street style fashion brand which makes clothes for everyday wear. “We wanted to make fashion reach out to every girl even in a smaller town and city so we chose ‘Shopper’s Stop’ to retail our clothes as it is a trusted brand in India past quite a few years and everybody is familiar with it. So girls; you don’t always have to spend money to look stylish …fashion is now more affordable and can be easily obtainable!




Pop Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, recently marked her debut in India with her Spring/Summer 15 collection. The Melissa Pop-Up will showcase their “Eat My Melissa’’ collection for consumers to experience the product, as the brand will retail through their e-commerce portal – Melissa awakes the dreams of plastic; but these ‘candylicious ‘ shoes made using Melflex and Pvc, are not only versatile in design but are durable and recyclable mostly. Melissa is indeed concerned with the environment and works hard for the most coveted fashion accessory in the world to be wholly sustainable, from production to the consumer. BRAZILIANThe event was held at their pop up store in Mumbai’s art district Kala Ghoda known for its multi cultural fervor. Melissa recreates trends with continuous collaborations with famed designers. Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Campana and Vivienne Westwood are a part of her latest collection. The event was sprawling with guests like Carol Gracias, Candice Pinto, Anushka Manchanda, Nandita Mahtani, Sucheta Sharma, Sheena Sippy, Alesia Raut, Nonita Kalra, Malini Agarwal to name a few. “These shoes are stylishly blending avant- garde designs with functionality” says Maya Goel – Apeego Marketing Ltd. – the official distributor of Melissa in India.



A dress made from nothing but fermented beer and bacteria is set to debut at the World Expo 2015 in Milan later this year. Australian creative scientist Gary Cass and fashion designer Donna Franklin added a bacteria called Acetobacter to fermented beer, which created the cotton-like fibres. The bacteria is naturally found, friendly, non-infectious, non-harmful and is added into the liquid beer. That bacteria will ‘drink’ the beer and then convert the beer liquid into a solid fibre similar to cotton. Isn’t is unbelievable! Beer Dress is more than a novelty, says the designer because the cellulosic fibers are created through fermentation, they can be produced on an industrial scale without many of the environmental costs of cotton. Moreover, it can be ‘grown into any shape,’ enabling one-piece seamless garments with no stitching. It is a valuable innovation to the fashion industry!



Bollywood’s hot favourite jewelry designer label VALLIYAN by Nitya Arora, recently joined hands with ‘Italia Independent’, which is the most worn sunny brand by the holly celebs. From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, Karl Largerfeld, Jessica Alba, Anna Hathway; all have got their hands on these beauties. The collection consists of VALLIYAN’s signature jeweled pieces that are attachable on sunglasses and sunglass chains along with customisable initials of your name on your very own Italia Independents. A delectable wine and cheese evening hosted by Sabina Chopra, Nikhil Thampi, Nimish Shah and Alia Al Rufai amongst many others who couldn’t get enough of the sassy statement sunglasses. It was a packed house with endless glasses of wine and non-stop chatter. Guests were seen musing in those fabulous sunsglasses. So get your wallets loose and treat yourself with this limited edition collection as quickly as you can.

Venue: Valliyan by Nitya Arora

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.


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Window display is a reflection of the art sensibility and instantly catches one’s eye. It not only tosses out for the season’s next promotion, but also gives you a sneek peek of what’s new! Window display to comprehend; is art of displaying store merchandise in the store’s window. Window display is an emerging trend in retail and is evolving from a dull, uninteresting exhibition of products in the store window to a dynamic form of advertising. Retailers have recognized the importance of window display; as it is the first point of contact between the store and the consumer. In India it is an emerging concept, whereas developed countries already use it as a critical tool for marketing.ddd

A window display helps in a decision making process; it makes it easy for the customer to decide whether to enter the store or not. A well done up window display attracts more customers than a television commercial can. A visual merchandiser requires a lot a creativity and good communication kills required to communicate extensively with store managers and owners regarding the image they wish to portray through the store.

One such artistically stalked window is the Hermes “FOX DEN” window in Barcelona (Spain). This Carte Blanche tells us the story of a fox who moved into the window with all his personal objects, showing a bit of his life and personality. The leather fox is living in a human interior composed with furniture’s all made of paper, giving a surrealistic aspect to the entire scene. Each piece of the window display was made by hand. It craft’s everything using paper art the outcome of which are incredible masterpieces. This French window displays only using paper and leather, they’ve created a stunningly intricate fox then filled it with trinkets, crockery and clothes. A few Hermès accessories, such as silk scarves hanging from the chest of drawers are present. Also the brand’s famous bag (berkin)is present in the corner. The window display is absolutely fictional (the fox world), but the more closer you look at it, the more you just want to look!fv

Hermès takes pride on its heritage of craftsmanship, which makes Zim & Zou’s paper sculptures a natural fit for the brand. The fashion house also worked with the agency last year to create a multi-colored bird made from the offcuts of leather from its workshops. In 2012, Hermès showcased the skills of its creators by offering a behind-the-scenes look at how its iconic bags, silk scarves and jewelry are made. If your ever in Paris; go check what is the fuss all about.



From Prada to Peroni – a lot of our favourite things come straight from the mesmirising Italy. An evening with Peroni Nastro Azzurro paired with exquisite Italian food gave us just another reason to say “ Amo I Italia”

When it comes to indulgences- fashion, fine arts and food; a few of them actually do it like Italians. Peroni Nastro Azzuro recently hosted an event in the Bolly town with partner Kaveer Shahni from groove temple- in the city. Without a doubt; Mumbai embraced them with the best of hospitality and offcourse lot’s of love.

It was a fine dine experience paired with which was the world’s best beer. A dinner party; which was had the who’s whom of Mumbai. Besides the delectable food and the amazing venue was the very premise of Peroni’s campaign. Bringing together infulencers from varied industries to networking and building relationships was the prime focus of the event.

Every guest from a chef and designer, foodie and fashionista agreed to join in the unsual festivities, and it wasn’t just the peroni talking. Magazine publishers mingled with high rollers, Tv personalities clinked their full to brim glasses with branding moguls. The affair counted in it well known faces from Kabir bedi,Ektaa Aggarwal,Shireen Faroque to the Italian Consul general Ugo Ciarlatani.eventtttttt

The house of Peroni gave magnificient Great Eastern mills of Mumbai a classic Italian makeover and the Italian aesthetic was on display from the old world charm of the venue, to the family –style dining table and authentic open air-cooking station. The former mill, now a lofty furniture store was converted into a beautiful dining room with a long custom made table put together by a stylist Shaan Shahani. And the food was taken care by a special chef from new delhi who curated a delicious three course meal. Italian delights like Calamari Fritti,Ravioli ,Bolognese were not only eye pleasing but scrumptious too and then offcourse; thankx to Peroni.

Its was a glamourous, stylish night to say the least and when the Italians play host- you know it’s one to remember.unnamed